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Hello everyone! I am excited to announce the next top 3 reviews coming soon to ASM. The reviews are in process and will be posted in the following order for you to read. Thank you for visiting and please come back soon.

Ecommerce Stores Are They Worth It

  1. How many storefronts are online now
  2. Is advertising provided
  3. Is free training available
  4. Who provides the inventory and where does it come from
  5. How is the product you’re selling invoiced and shipped
  6. How many products are available to sell
  7. Do you have a choice of what products you can market
  8. Can You Make Money for Real

Build a Website for Free - published in my blog April 27

  1. What do you need to build a website
  2. How do you select a host for your website
  3. Can a free or paid website be moved to another domain
  4. What if I don't know how to use Word Press
  5. What theme should I use, PHP or CMS
  6. Are themes free or do you pay
  7. How do I get ideas for my website

Review for Click Bank University 2 (in progress now)

  1.  What is Click Bank University2.
  2. The two types of training offered at CBU
  3. How much does this cost
  4. Who is the training for
  5. How long is the training
  6. Can I make money after I take the training

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