Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Competition’s Worst Nightmare

Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership


  • Website-www.wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Owners-Kyle and CarsonCEO CarlCEO Kyle
  • Established-2005
  • Free trial membership (no credit card needed)
  • Premium membership-Two payment choices
  • $49 monthly or one annual  fee of $359

Overall Review-Excellent 9.5 of 10

Rating is based on the following criteria

Over One Million Affiliates Have Trained with Wealthy Affiliate

It’s true, Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 free affiliate marketing program online today you can take for a test drive as long as you want before joining.

Six of many benefits you have for joining free

  1. 2 Free Affiliate Websites with SiteRubix back office
  2. Free Domain name and hosting
  3. Free Affiliate Software for Tracking and Keywords
  4. Free Phase I Certification Training to Get You Up and Running
  5. Free Affiliate Program you can promote to earn revenue
  6. Free Affiliate Training Program Super Affiliates used to get started

Are You Tired of Shifting Through Scams and Worthless Training Programs?

There are no hidden costs or up-sells. You know exactly what you will pay with the Premium membership should you decide to upgrade and that’s it. Nothing like other scams online where you pay a low entry membership fee but are hit with high ticket upgrades constantly after joining.

Are you a motivated person looking for a proven method to establish a successful online business you can operate from anywhere on this planet? Are you a stay at home mom or someone who wants to build a website for their business or other reasons?

Do you want to become a successful marketing affiliate and earn passive income without investing in a product, inventory, service or shipping by marketing someone else’s product. See how this works?

Do you want to blog or build a website to market a product? Whatever your dream business may be, Wealthy Affiliate is the incredible training platform designed to turn your dream into a reality.

Wealthy Affiliate has Obliterated the Competition – A Brief History

Kyle and Carson were both successful affiliates and entrepreneurs at the time they became friends and partners. Being an affiliate was their passion and would eventually lead to the creation of Wealthy Affiliate in 2002. They have never looked back, while sharing their expertise to help others become successful affiliates and business owners.

The business model Kyle and Carson chose for Wealthy Affiliate is built on principles they both share, principles that have made them far more successful than anyone in the same business. These guys are delivering consistent top-notch results to their customers. It’s amazing to see how much appreciation and confidence the members openly share for what they have at Wealthy Affiliate.

What secret ingredient has been responsible for catapulting Wealthy Affiliate above everyone else in the same business? Their expertise and desire to help people succeed. Carl and Kyle have developed their training platform to be the most complete and user friendly online. You will learn step by step what you need, from start to finish to build your successful business.

Nothing has been left out, you’ll learn how to choose a niche product, build your website, attract traffic to your website and start earning income. Check this out

This concept has obviously paid off for Wealthy Affilate and their customers. The company has enjoyed a prominent rise to success and a well-deserved reputation for creating not just successful affiliates, but the best, the Elite of Affiliates. Wealthy Affiliate is the home of Elite Marketers.

Twenty Reasons the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program is For You 

  • A free members trial, with 2 free websites including website hosting, phase one training and more  
  • Live chat room with instant access to thousands of like-minded members – Premium Members
  • A comment & answer blog for students to ask questions
  • Full participation within the Wealthy Affiliate community to answer member’s questions
  • Certification interactive training with hands on task related assignments
  • A search data base for answers to your questions
  • Community expert affiliates respond to technical questions in minutes
  • Private message capability
  • A lifetime residual payout affiliate program, no fees and dedicated training included
  • Annual Las Vegas trip, for one week, all expenses paid for super affiliates
  • Word Press powered websites, Word Press training and secure hosting
  • Link Tracking
  • Premium members can launch up to 50 websites with secure hosting at no extra charge
  • Blog Post forum, post your blogs and read other’s blogs related to the affiliate industry and training
  • Video archives, hundreds of training videos on subject material you would pay for anywhere else
  • Weekly live training classes with videos
  • Live classroom discussions on key topics
  • Free website critique, experts in the community will give you feedback and suggestions
  • Jaxxy, Premium Keyword Search Tool
  • SiteRubix, a sophisticated website hosting platform, with site manager, site builder, site domains, site content, site comments, site feedback and 24/7 site support. Everthing is designed to make hosting and building your website not only easy but with incredible control features.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate from A Member’s Point of View

The advantage of being an actual Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate provides me the ability to see the Wealthy Affiliate machine from the inside. An advantage many do not have who may have written a review.

Are all reviews honest? We would like to believe they are, but how can anyone review a product without ever having used it for any length of time? Could you tell how comfortable a car is or how well it handles without ever driving it. I’m sure you get my point.

So, what makes me think I can offer my opinion with any authority on this review? Well, because I have experienced some very costly or disappointing scams in my life dealing with dishonest scam artists marketing bogus products and business opportunities.

You see, I have learned the hard way you could make money online but you can also lose a lot more. Why would you even take a chance on becoming another victim of the hundreds of scams online when you don’t have to?

Before coming to Wealthy Affiliate, I was a skeptic and as hard a person to convince most “How To” marketing programs promoted online weren’t scams. I didn’t trust any of them and for very good reasons.

Why did I bother to take a chance on Wealthy Affiliate after mostly bad experiences with scam artists in the past? The financial risk factor to me was removed up front, that’s the one reason that made the difference in my decision.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a FREE trial membership to new members. This provides all new members a hands-on opportunity to experience Wealthy Affiliate’s unique program in real time at no financial risk to them whatsoever.

Compare the FREE members vs Premium Membership

The free membership was all I needed to get started. This eased my concern for the moment, but then old memories returned to remind me, and I thought, when will the up selling start, it always happens?

Not so with Wealthy Affiliate, all I received was a big welcome and Kyle pointing me in the right direction after I joined. I have not experienced even the first up sell offer since becoming a member. This is incredible when compared to other programs constantly drowning you with up-sell after up-sell.

Pricing for Wealthy Affiliate Membership

I discovered how well the free membership plan works for Wealthy Affiliate. A very large percentage of satisfied members convert within their first month from Free to Premium membership status. By this time, I easily understood why the conversion rate was so good, members know they are getting their money’s worth many times over. Here is a breakdown of the pricing

  • Free Test Drive of Wealthy Affiliate’s Program – No time limit – no credit card needed
  • $19 for Your First Month of Premium Benefits when you upgrade
  • Premium Membership Benefits are $49 a month – price hasn’t changed in 12 years
  • Upgrade to Premium Annual Membership Benefits for $359 a savings of $229

A few days after joining for FREE, I received an invitation to join the Premium program for only $19.00 for the first month. There was no pressure to join whatsoever, Kyle just extended the offer. I took advantage of it because this would give me a month to see what the Premium membership offered.

The rest is history, I joined the annual membership program by the second month and have no reservations to this day. The community is incredible and filled with thousands of like-minded affiliates willing to help you when you’re stuck.

Affiliates Working together

A Community of Affiliates Working Together

Well friend, there it is, the up selling I expected never happened before or after I joined Wealthy Affiliate. There have never been any surprise up sells or pressure to buy anything from Wealthy Affiliate!

Everything you need is built into their amazing training platform, a very sophisticated and smooth running machine. I certainly have no regrets for joining.

Would investing $49 a month be worth it if you could earn another $500 to $1000 a month in six months or less time? Thousands of Wealthy Affiliate members are doing much better and you can too.


Wealthy Affiliate Members Earn over $1,000,000 a month

Members Earn Over A Million Dollars Per Month Promoting Wealthy Affiliate


The system is so solid, so well-designed Kyle and Carson know they don’t have to up sell for anyone to join as a Premium member, the Wealthy Affiliate machine sells itself. There is not another affiliate program online that can match Wealthy Affiliate apple for apple or can say they don’t up sell. Before you join another training program other than Wealthy Affiliate be warned, high ticket up-sells are the competition’s hidden agenda after you join.

Register for Your FREE Test Drive – The Number One Affiliate Training Program

As you can see, the Wealthy Affiliate machine is crammed with value. Why continue looking for a better deal, there are none. All competing programs fall short of matching Wealthy Affiliate’s incredible value and record of producing successful top producing affiliates.

You can be one of those success stories starting today! Register for FREE now – start your test drive and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Register for Your FREE Test Drive – The Number One affiliate training program

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