Use Ads In Your InBox to Create Attention Grabbing Ad Copy


Discover how you can you take advantage of those pesky promotional emails in your inbox to improve your writing skills.

Writing good, attention grabbing ad copy is a skill developed over time. It is for this reason many online business owners choose to use professional ad copy writers.

Independent, skilled internet marketers have learned to write good ad copy to promote their businesses and constantly test their ads. They know the power to convert visitors to customers is primarily in the ad copy they write.

Now you can take advantage of this knowledge to improve your email and website ad copy writing skills using this simple idea.

Use Ads in Your InBox to Create Attention Grabbing Ad Copy

Almost everyone receives loads of marketing promotions via email and most are deleted unread with the blink of an eye. Starting today, you can apply the following tips to discover an easier and faster way to write attention grabbing ad copy for your email campaigns and website.

  • Take the time to read the “subject line” of your emails and you will notice some are much better at grabbing your attention than others. Subject lines are the key to getting your email opened.
  • Open a word document, start a list of the best subject lines. You will eventually develop a sense of what works or doesn’t work.
  • Use your list as a template for new and better ideas when writing ad copy.
  • Open the emails with the best subject lines and ask yourself, what is the writer attempting to convey to his audience?
  • Does the writer connect with you immediately? Notice how the ad copy is used in the Headline?
  • Notice how you are led or pulled thru the ad copy. Is the writer using commanding words, how often do they ask questions that stimulate your curiosity or interest?
  • What does the writer do to convince the reader to continue, is the writer offering a free download, free webinar, free video, guarantee, unique benefits, discounts, promising solutions or value to his audience?
  • Try to define the pattern being used, because there is a pattern used in all ad copy ending with the close.
  • Notice how often the writer attempts to close on the offer by using hyperlinks within the ad copy with commands like “Take Action Now”.
  • Notice how often “Bold Print” or “Underline Print” is used in the ad copy and what color print is used.
  • Look for a P.S. message with a final closing statement to make the reader believe or feel they may lose something by not purchasing, responding or registering.
  • Read both the good and bad ad copy to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Ad copy is everywhere, in your inbox, on websites, in your snail mail box and best of all it’s free! I’ve included several examples of ad copy you can use as templates when writing ad copy. You can use these templates in many ways.

Email Marketing Subject Headlines Should Evoke Curiosity

The Question | Subject Headline

Note: The question Headline is meant to invoke enough curiosity in the reader to open and read the email

Have you seen this yet?

Aren’t you tired of ___?

You said you wanted this right?

Are you ignoring me?

Have you met ___?

The Embedded Command | Subject Headline

Note: Embedded Command Headlines are meant to increase curiosity and command the reader to obey

This is going to be Epic (Read Now) ….

How to get leads fast (Open Now) ….

Steal My Blueprint (Read Quickly) ….

The Quick Read | Subject Headline

Note: Quick Read Headlines are brief to the point headlines to tease the reader into opening and reading the email. The email content should also be brief and to the point.

He Quit His Job (One Minute Read)

She Fired Her Boss (Brief Read)

Delete Fat Instantly (Quick Read)

The What You’re Going to Get | Subject Headline

Note: What you’re going to get headline informs the reader what’s in it for them.

(Video) Legally Steal My Six Figure Formula…

(PDF Download) End Chronic Pain Now…

(Download) Fast Fat Burning Recipe…

I Wasn’t Going to Show You This, but… gives reader a sense of getting something extra or special

The Time Sensitive | Subject Headlines

Note: Time sensitive headlines are meant to evoke a sense of loss if action isn’t taken now

Expires Soon

Last Chance

Only a Few Seats Left


Ends Tonight at Midnight

Limited Time

For Your Eyes Only…

Sneak Peek…

Sneak Preview, evokes a sense of curiosity or something secret

Read This Before evokes a sense of making a better choice or time sensitive offer

The How to | Subject Headlines

Note: How to headlines are meant to give the reader an understanding of how to do something.

How to write good ad copy

How to lose 100 pounds in six months

How to remember names, lists and phone numbers

How to do math in your head quickly

How to earn money online

Ad Words and Phrases that Grab Attention

Now that you’ve discovered an easy way to build templates to use with your email campaigns, let’s go on the using some more captivating Ad Copy for writing your attention-grabbing Ads.

The following list came from, you guessed it those relentless promotional emails. These were words and phrases taken from the best of hundreds of emails I received. Be creative when using these words. Combine them into new phrases, fill in the blanks and build your own captivating list

Action (act, act now)

Act Now

Amazing reveal





Can you afford to miss out?


Digital Marketing Secrets



Expert Advice

Ends Today (Tomorrow, 6 hours, etc)

Enhancing Secret

Erase (pain, debt, insecurity etc.)

Everything You Need



Final Day

Finally Reveals

Frankly, I’m A Little Confused

Freelance Digital Market Secrets

How I defeated

How I Overcame

How I won the fight

How to Make Sure

Imagine (a benefit)

Incredible (money supply, revelation, discovery)

Increasing the Risk

It’s easier than you think

It’s not your fault

It’s So Powerful

Knowing Your (health, savings, eyesight, future)

Urgent Alert

Last Chance

Last Day

Linked to Serious (achievement, failure, advantages)


Monumental (discovery, revelation, success, income)

Most Common (problem, worry etc.)

Most Overlooked

Makes Astonishing Discovery


Nearly Impossible

New Discovery

New or New Solution

Next Big Thing


Only a few seats left

Overcome (fear, problem, belief, anxiety etc.)

Proven Power (of what)

Reverse, Reversing (problem, loss, fear)

Revolutionary (what? Add your idea)


Secret Solution

Slash Your Risk

Stop Worrying and Enjoy

Stunning Discovery

Stay with Me

So Simple Once You Know the Secret


Stick with Me

Super Stars

The Facts

The Problem

The Solution

Tip of the iceberg

Two Things you need to know right now

The First Thing you need to know is



Underlying cause



You’ll See, You’ll Discover, you won’t believe

You don’t have to worry

Why Wait

Smash Your Debt

Smashing Your Debt Is A Reality

Trick Supercharges your

Are You Looking for A Way Out of the Nine to Five Grind?

Say Goodbye to Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Kick the Habit of Living on a Budget

How You Can Kick the Habit of Living on Less Than You Deserve

What Happened to Your Dreams

Is Your Job or College Education Failing You Financially?

What Can Happen to You When You Have the Right Tools for Success

Making a Great Living is Easier Than Most People Dare to Believe

Don’t Ever Give Up All You Need is A Chance to Believe in Yourself

This is What Happens When You Take the First Step

9 to 5 Wasn’t Just A Movie It’s the One Reality You Can Avoid

To your success!

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