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The Pros and Cons of Free Website Builders

Versus Paid Website Builders

 So, you are thinking of building a website for free. I will say it right from the start, paid hosting has many advantages over building your own website free, but this will depend on how you plan to use your website and may not always be the case.

Will your website be for business or for personal use? Are you just developing a prototype for a new project you want to promote or just learning to build a website. Will your website need good bandwidth and file storage?

Your plans for your new website can help you decide to go the free or paid route. In reality paid site builders offer much more credibility and advantages over a free website. I’ve listed some pros and cons to help you decide. It really does come down to, what do you want to use your website for?

The best host for the majority of site owners are referred to as Site Builders because they use ready made themes with special PHP coding to make building the website far easier than using the more complicated CMS coding. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

  • Con: Free websites usually tag their brand name in URL
  • Con: Free sites may have limited bandwidth speed, file storage and ads on pages
  • Con: All web hosts hope to convert free users to paid users the #1 reason for free entry
  • Pro: Only a few dollars are required each month for paid hosting. Range is $4 -$9/month. This price is good for the first year but could increase later, so ask.
  • Pro: Paid hosting offer perks like unlimited band width, site support and large file storage. Prices can rise due to high band width usage
  • Pro: Paid hosting provide SEO, search engine optimization features. Note SSL features for security will cost additional fees.
  • Pro: To project a professional image and brand name paid hosting is recommended

Choosing and Registering Your New Domain

Your domain will be your unique identity and your online property so to speak. It’s your advantage to purchase a domain name from the beginning because it’s more professional and brands your website. If you aren’t sure of a domain name here are a few places to search for available domains. These sites also offer suggestions for domain names closely related to your domain choice in case the domain name you want is already taken.

You should choose a domain ending in .com as your first choice.  A domain name ending with anything other than .com, .net or .org or with dashes like are not good choices. The best choice is a name that closely represents what your website is about, example, or

  • You may want to wait until you have chosen your hosting company to purchase your domain. Some host will offer domains free or for lower prices compared to other companies. Prices may vary. is recommended as a good tool to research a domain name.

Okay, after you have your domain name it’s time to find a site builder to get your website online. There are many site builders online and each will have certain requirements to host your website for free. This is where you should do some homework. You may want to use Twitter, Facebook or online forums to find out what others use and recommend that are a match for what you have in mind for your website.

  14 Item Checklist for Choosing Your Site Builder

  • Make sure the host provides SEO (search engine optimization) features.
  • If this is your first website, make sure WordPress is installed for you otherwise you will have to do a manual installation. Some site builders use Joomla or Drupal, but WordPress is recommended
  • Make sure you can change your domain DNS at any time. This allows you to choose another host later and not be trapped into one host. Does the site builder have the ability to move your website to another domain or host
  • Is the web control platform user friendly? This is where your login and site stats and other software features are located and is the back office of your website.
  • Are tutorials available to help you set up your website
  • Does the host support backup capability? This is a must have.
  • Make sure you have email capability, you appear more professional and legitimate
  • You also want decent file storage and bandwidth. Check the host page load speed and downtime percentage. This is based on how often the website experiences technical problems resulting in loss of service. The best host are in the 99+ percent range
  • Check support capability, is 24/7 support, live chat or phone support available.
  • Do not commit to long term contracts in access of 12/24 months for reduced prices
  • Your host should offer multiple domain usage, up to 25 or 50 separate domains you can host from your account
  • How many layout templates are offered, are they categorized to help you select and are they mobile friendly?
  • Does host have an image file gallery with software to optimize and edit photos?
  • Will you need a shopping cart, make sure it is user friendly?

Website Friendly Hosting for Newbies

There are so many web hosting companies and it can very confusing to decide on the one you want to use. There are also 4 different types of hosting. Shared, Cloud, VPS and Dedicated.

  • Shared hosting should easily meet the visitor demand of your website and has the best value for price. If your intention is to grow very large you can host your website with a site builder who has upgrades available for VPS and Dedicated hosting. Best advice is to start small where there are options to grow. The following list has the names of site builders you can use for comparison from free to monthly rates between $3 up to 9 for basic hosting.
  • - Highly Recommended/2 Free domains and sites or $49.00 monthly for 25 sites/24/7 site support/SSL and Premium membership with unlimited training. Free Domain transfers to SiteRubix
  • Host$1.99 for Domain/24/7 Site Support/No Mention of Money Back Guarantee
  • Day Money Back Guarantee/24/7 Site Support
  • Domain/30 Day Money Back Guarantee/24/7 Site Support
  • Domain with Premium Upgrade/24/7 Site Support/Great Features
  • Domain/30 Day Money Back Guarantee/24/7 Site Support
  • Domain/14 Day Money Back Guarantee/24/7 Site Support
  • Domain/14 Day Money Back Guarantee/24/7 Site Support
  • Recommended
  • Domain/30 Day Money Back Guarantee/24/7 Site Support
  • Domain/30 Day Money Back Guarantee/24/7 Site Support
  • $9.99/30 Day Money Back Guarantee/24/7 Site Support

Meet SiteRubix A Premium Website Builders Platform

Did you know you can register for a free Wealthy Affiliate membership and have access to not one but two free SiteRubix websites with free SEO search engine optimization, free hosting, free domain, WordPress site builder, free themes, photo gallery and software editing tools, a website control panel so user friendly a first grader could use it? The best part is, it’s really all free.

Write your website content with the SiteRubix content and editing software in your back office. This is an all in one package offering more than any website builder, plus you will have access to Wealthy Affiliates Phase I training, 10 information packed certification lessons to get you started and show you step by step how to build your website as you train. Join today and start building a website for free.

No advertisements will be placed on your website and the SiteRubix control panel allows you to transfer your website to any domain with the click of a button. The website you create is yours to keep. When the time comes and you are ready to go with a paid hosting account you can transfer all of your free sites files to your new domain. Premium members can host up to 50 websites.

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