AWOL Academy – A Review From The Inside

A Look at AWOL from the Inside – Is The Academy Legit?

  • Website:
  • Presidents: Kameron George and Nathan (Keala) Kanae
  • Established 9/08/2016 per BBB
  • $99 Fee to Join – Free Trial Not Available
  • Overall Review – 5 of 10
  • Not for those with limited budgets

Score is based on the following criteria

  • Cost to Join – Benefits of Membership
  • Years in Business
  • Quality of Training and Overall Value
  • Are Software Tools and Web Hosting Provided In House
  • Does Company Engage in extreme Up-Selling Practices to Members? (Lowers Rating 4 Points)

AWOL’s Training Takes the Fast Track Approach to Success

AWOL promotes what most experienced marketers consider a fast track approach to earning money online. The perceived intent is to convince would be members’ that achieving financial success can be a rapid process if they follow the plan AWOL recommends.

The basic membership is $99 to join AWOL and entitles access to AWOL 101,  AWOL Pro Academy, Monday Night Calls and past recorded versions.

The overall Elite plan comes at the extreme price of $15,997 up to $17,997 dependent on you purchasing the Elite program within the 10-day time limit imposed by AWOL from the date you joined. After 10 days the price rises to $17,997.00.

AWOL Elite Membership Includes the Following

  • AWOL Pro Academy
  • AWOL InBox Academy
  • AWOL Traffic Academy
  • AWOL Conversion Academy
  • AWOL Master’s Academy
  • One Year Elite Membership

AWOL’s fast track to success concept is the idea attracting ambitious people to join AWOL. The overall training concept is geared toward affiliate marketing and marketing your own products. AWOL teaches the methods used to construct sales funnels for converting potential buyers from targeted paid advertising.

The basic membership falls short in providing enough training to novices. There is no one on one mentorship with the basic membership. So novices are left to learn and apply the training from the materials provided basic members or from the membership forum for another $49 monthly fee.

Basic members have little choice but to upgrade to Elite or choose to purchase one or more of AWOL’s expensive digital training programs.

The Elite membership provides more advanced courses for email marketing, website traffic generation and customer conversion with the digital products that are included. Elite members’ are said to meet in a member forum to critique other elite member sales funnels and ad campaigns to offer advice and solve problems.

This is the main problem I have with AWOL. The members aren’t aware until after they join that to continue training is going to require a serious investment. The advanced training has an extremely high price tag and I have seen the same exact methods taught by mentors for considerably less money.

The bottom line here is, if you want to learn how to generate sales quickly this will work for you. But, you are going to pay a lot more to learn than is necessary in my opinion. If you want to build a sustainable online business you will also need more training than AWOL offers presently.

Anyone with experience will tell you the best way to build a sustainable online business is the slower more deliberate approach. It takes months of hard work and knowledge to build a profitable online business with good value and quality content for your customers.

You don’t learn skills or master anything without investing serious time and effort. This applies to anything learned whether it be martial arts, sports, musical instruments or writing professionally. A good mentor can increase your learning speed considerably but learned skills and mastery will take time. Becoming a copy cat isn’t the way to go and will have drawbacks later.


The Verdict, is AWOL A Scam or Legit? – You Decide

Do I consider AWOL to be a scam? A scam is defined as a fraud, a dishonest scheme or swindle. At this point I honestly believe AWOL Academy is definitely riding the fence. Why? Because…

The outward appearance is deceiving to a large degree because AWOL is not giving prospective members a true or ethical description of the total purchase price of the training program. The pricey products and Elite membership are exposed only after members join. Product prices are considerably higher than similar competitive products with the same value and product price increases have been the norm since AWOL began.

WARNING: You may find glowing reviews of AWOL, but consider these reviews are more than likey presented by AWOL affililates who earn up to a $5000.00 fee per referral who goes Elite.

AWOL affiliates also exhibit a disregard for prospective member’s financial welfare when promoting AWOL’s program. Promoting a program which intentionally hides extremely high priced up-sells to the prospective member is no more ethical than what AWOL is doing.

You can’t explain this away no matter how hard you try, but this is the path members are most likely to choose to recoup cash they invested in AWOL. The commissions paid by AWOL’s affiliate program earn affiliates as high as $5000.00 per referral. A price to tempting for most affiliates regardless of ethics.

This is what I dislike the most about AWOL, the intentional cover up that their training program will cost members extremely high prices to continue. Some may say this is just marketing, but I prefer to call it what it is, “Fleecing the Sheep” at AWOL. 

This would be no more different than if I were to sell you a new car and as you opened the door to leave, I would say “Sir, you will need our “Drive Train Package” before you can drive your new car, it has no engine or transmission. I couldn’t tell you that up front because you wouldn’t have bought the car.”

How Does AWOL Recruit Members into The Training Program

I wouldn’t say AWOL is legitimate in respect to their genuine interest in a members’ success either. The company idealogy appears to be one of a receiving more than giving back to it’s members. I will give you an actual example of the strategy AWOL uses to recruit members.

  • You watch a video or respond to an ad and are sent to a squeeze page where you enter your email address and contact info for an ebook download that contains enough information about AWOL to peak an interest in them.
  • You are contacted via email that “You Are In” or eligible to attend their latest Webinar.
  • You watch the Webinar and see a fairly well done 2 hour presentation featuring Co-Founder and CEO, Keala Kanae.
  • You have the option to pay $99 for a year membership after the video. There is no free membership.
  • Once you are a member you have access to Academy 101, an introduction to AWOL’s business containing a 12 question survey and videos. The 12 questions are designed specifically to qualify your potential worth as a prospect and the videos pre-sell your psyche.
  •  An overview of Pro Academy in Academy 101 pre-sells you on the software and web hosting sold in Pro Academy. Estimated cost: $1289 with Attama’s annual purchase plan or $1944.00 total paid monthly.
  • Pro Academy is the second and last training module you will view for your $99 membership.
  • Pro Academy is in my opinion a slick move to get you financially invested into AWOL, leaving you little choice but to continue spending money with AWOL or cut your loses and leave. More on this later.
  • When you are finished with Academy 101 and Pro Academy you will be assigned to your coach.
  • You are given a time and date your coach will call. Your coaches pretense is to lead you in the right direction but in reality he is trained to Up-Sell you to make money. Yes, your coach will earn a commission from what you buy.
  • You are encouraged by your coach to join AWOL’s Facebook account. Cost? $49 a month. You have $99 plus $48 invested by now with continued $49 monthly payments. Is AWOL’s Facebook forum worth it? No, more on this later.
  • AWOL has a weekly live program, usually showcasing a successful marketer or member of AWOL. Fairly typical of MLM pump me up seminars used to keep people highly motivated enough to ignore their own reality or situation.
  • AWOL also promotes their AWAKEN seminars frequently, to motivate members’. Cost to attend $500.00 plus expenses. Another in your face MLM tactic and source of profit for AWOL.
  • You will receive email promotions for AWAKEN events and other promotions constantly.

How AWOL’s Up-Selling Evolves into Entrapment for Members

Now, that you have a good idea of how you get to this point with AWOL, I am going to take you into deeper water and explain how the real money is made. Not for you, but for AWOL.

I’ve already exposed it for you. It’s called Up-Selling. This strategy is in motion the moment you opt in. You aren’t going to know the total price of AWOL’s training program until AFTER you have joined. This was AWOL’s intention from the day you opted in to keep you hooked.

  1. As you go thru Pro Academy, you are directed to purchase several software programs. The software are good products by ClickMajick, Landing Pages, Attama web hosting and Get Response. The merits of each are demonstrated and you are advised to purchase this software as each one is being demonstrated so you can follow along with the demonstration. Estimated Cost? $1289.00 for the combined annual purchase price of all 4 products or 12 monthly payments for a total of $1944.00.
  2. If you have money invested in Attama web hosting, ClickMajick, Landing Pages and Get Response  you will need more training, and a product to put your new investments to use. Are you getting the idea behind the up-selling now? If you purchased these products you are trapped so to speak.
  3. You are given 10 days to decide if you want to join the Elite Membership at AWOL, Cost? $15,997.00 which includes a bundle package of 4 more training products and a one-year Elite Membership. The membership increases to $17,997.00 after 10 days and requires a renewal fee every 12 months.
  4. You can buy the Scalable Package starting at $3935.00 in your first 10 days or pay $5295.00 afterwards. This package contains AWOL Conversion Academy, AWOL Traffic Academy and AWOL In-Box Academy. Products you may consider a necessity if you don’t go with AWOL Elite.
  5. AWOL prices have increased substantially since 2017, so I would expect higher prices in the future.
  6. Should you decide not to join AWOL’s Elite program or purchase AWOL’s software you are left to go it alone. Everything you joined AWOL for in the first place and your money is gone.
  7. Your last option is to join AWOL’s affiliate program. Cost $39.95 a month, training is provided and commissions are high. Members will usually opt for the affiliate program due to the high ticket commissions. More on this in the summary.
  8. Your investment with AWOL could rise from $99 a year to $15,997.00 or more in just 10 days. Are you down for this?

Summary of AWOL Academy’s Program and Closing Thoughts

This is a company I will not recommend. If you are totally committed to joining AWOL, have deep pockets and consider yourself a risk taker, then AWOL may be for you. AWOL is not for people on a budget or with limited income. You should be prepared to spend your money and possibly never recover it should you join.

Members can join AWOL’s affiliate program to earn money to help purchase the Elite program if they are determined to join the Elite program.

The Elite Membership and Guarantee

The Elite Membership program guarantees you will make $10,000.00 back on your investment within 90 days “if” you follow the guidelines set down by AWOL in their 5 Pillars Program. The program follows a strict set of guidelines you should practice and apply daily to be successful. You will have to work very hard so don’t get the notion someone is going to do it for you because that will not happen. The guarantee is conditional so terms may vary, be aware.

The Elite Membership is composed of marketing experts and novice Elite members’. Novices are dependent on the Elite marketing experts for guidance and critique of their sales funnels and sales process. How many Elite members’ are there? I don’t know, but would you take a chance on spending $15,997.00 to find out? It’s your choice.

Beware the Coaches, They Have To Make A Living

AWOL uses coaches to sell their services and wares. This brings to mind the many MLM scams present on the internet and television that have used the same method of operation.

My opinion is, if a company is using the coach platform to sell to you, run don’t walk away. At least know what you are committing to. There are reports of some coaches being extremely rude or short with new members. Coaches are paid good commissions from your purchases. Are they concerned more about you or their paycheck? You decide.

Constant Up-Selling by Stealth to Customers

The company is geared towards achieving huge growth via the expense of its members. Up-Selling is a given in marketing and you can expect it. You will be contacted by email, cell phone and thru the AWOL’s Facebook account to invest into more of Keala Kanae’s marketing promotions often, after all you are on his list and this is his privilege.

Facebook Forum is not Dedicated 100 Percent to Business

AWOL’s Facebook forum sucked. It is more like the typical Facebook social atmosphere than geared toward promoting your business. It was mostly small talk, people posting pictures, videos or 14 people liked this goofy post, sort of thing. There is not enough discussion of useful information to justify the monthly expense of $49.

The forum is a waste of money and time unless structured 100% towards a business objective of helping members’ with useful input to build their business. You are paying to be there, you want to build your business and learn. That is what you are there for. You can shoot the crap with people somewhere else.

The Deceit is Intentional and Can’t Be Explained Away

The members are being led deeper into debt and being used unfairly in my opinion to profit AWOL Academy, the very company supposedly promising to educate and help them become successful marketers. AWOL should state up front how much the program and products cost before members join, not after.

You have AWOL members who will be defensive of AWOL and deny any foul play. However there are others sharing opposing opinions. Former members of AWOL are posting website comments telling a totally different story about their experience with AWOL and there are 14 complaints with the BBB mostly about refunds being denied.

Training Products Fall Short of Expectancy

Other than AWOL’s Elite membership, the basic training in Pro Academy falls far short of teaching novices the learning curve required to host and build a fully functional website or effectively use any of the sophisticated software to track, advertise and promote a business.

A demo is a demo and not structured training in any sense. There is a lot more to doing what the Pro Academy video briefly demonstrates than inexperienced people can understand well enough to use in actual application attempts.

What replaces a respectable training platform with well thought out lessons and live feedback are digital stand alone products you have to purchase at considerable expense. The AWOL products rate between a  6 to 7 of a 10 star rating and are priced four times their actual value. The same information is available from other reputable sources for way less money and better quality.

Members who succeed will do so on their own. The remaining members’ will eventually give up because they can’t afford to continue with the training. All they knew when they joined AWOL is they wanted to earn money online and wanted to learn how to do it. I feel the majority of new recruits are losing money and failing.

To Affiliates of AWOL and Other Marketing Platforms

If you are promoting AWOL’s affiliate program or any affiliate program, I hope you have the integrity to be honest with your prospects. I’ve visited affiliate web sites for AWOL, and many consist entirely of pictures of leisure and exaggerated wealth but have nothing of substance to prove what they portray is possible.

To your success,

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