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The goal of ASM, is to help entrepreneurs learn how to become successful as online or affiliate marketers by recommending the best online affiliate training platforms, resources and opportunities available. The confusion most people experience when they first begin a search for a legitimate online business opportunity or training program is understandable.

The common trait of all successful online marketers is they each had someone to mentor them, to teach them everything they needed to know about online marketing.

Don't struggle to build a successful online business just follow the same successful strategies the best marketers use. I reveal three top online training opportunities offering quality mentor-ship so keep reading.

What to Look For Choosing A Training Program

There are hundreds of online business opportunities and training programs. The problem surfaces when you are trying to decide which business or training is legit and how much is a reasonable amount to pay.

Unless you have someone knowledgeable enough to help, you are risking the chance of choosing an unworkable program or even worse being scammed out of your hard earned money.  

The ideal training platforms should have everything you need to complete your training in house and at the best possible price points. In house means there is nothing for the student to purchase outside of the training platform to complete the training.

You should be provided website builder software like Word Press, hosting, SSL, website support 24/7, website back office, email, training mentors, live chat, forum, keyword search engine and tracking software. Your training should cover all aspects of online marketing and running your business not just bits and pieces.

You should learn everything from writing ad copy, blogging, finding a niche product, affiliate strategies, SEO strategies, keywords, building your website, choosing a theme, working with social networks like Twitter and Facebook, pay per click advertising, increasing organic traffic to your website, building your list for email marketing, targeting your audience, building sales funnels, converting customers and running email campaigns.

The training lessons should be inter-active as you proceed to provide actual experience. Mentors and community help should also be readily available to answer your questions. The training should be up to date with new training added weekly. This is all very important to your chance of success and I explain why as you continue reading.

Beware of Unworkable or High Price Programs

The requirements I have mentioned will immediately reduce the number of programs for you to choose your training program from. The majority of training programs are not complete programs. They will earn huge profits from their customers by pushing high priced up sells and endorsing outside services like website hosting, software products for tracking and email marketing. 

These are price jumps you weren't expecting when you joined the program because they were never mentioned! In other words the products needed to train customers are not all in house so you, the customer and student will pay more to complete your training.

In other words, the company training you benefits from the commissions on the products you were basically forced to purchase to continue training. This is how unethical programs will intentionally steal from you.

Avoid Long Term Commitments

Another downside to this is customers are often encouraged to buy long term plans on these products for up to 24 months or more. Seems logical to do this if you save money but customers may determine days or weeks later there are products better suited to their business for less money they like more. 

Why should a customer commit to long term purchase plans which prevent purchasing products they consider better or favor more? When you complete your training and are confident in what you're doing will be the time to choose the products you feel are the best to support your business.

Long term commitments should be avoided during your training without exception.

The total cost of the training and terms of payment should be known before you commit. You should know up front if the cost of the program is going to fit into your budget and provide everything you need.

The training program should have a well established online presence with more than 2 to 3 years in business. Make sure you ask questions to protect your investment and ask about refund policies and guarantees.

Three Programs I Endorse With Confidence

There are three training programs I endorse 100 percent. Each program offer different value to the customer. Wealthy Affiliate Premium is hands down the #1 choice for an online marketing program with exceptional value that can't be matched. This is for the individual who wants to build a sustainable online business.

Click Bank University2 is in my opinion the fastest and more economical way to go if you are considering selling affiliate products or creating a product of your own to market in the shortest amount of time possible. This program only covers affiliate marketing and product creation. I would recommend this to individuals who want to monetize their website or blog.

Digital Prosperity's Done For You Website

If you want a jumpstart to making money online without struggling to get a website up and running, I recommend this incredible done for you  website opportunity. The perfect choice to get you started online while you are still learning. This is a completely functioning website done by professionals who know what it takes to earn income online. 

All you have to do is choose a niche for your website and the rest is tailor made for you. This includes a year of free hosting, a domain name, a guaranteed converting squeeze page, download page, thank you page, blog, email auto responder account set up for you and a commission generating affiliate product.

A bonus benefit is a Facebook business page completely set up for you. This is working extremely well for other customers and it will work for you and the price point will fit almost any budget.

Save precious time and money while avoiding the the trials and error involved in building a professional website. The creators of this offer say it's like having a custom built Ferrari delivered to your front door instead of your unreliable old fixer upper you built. To learn more look here.

I know if you have read this far you now realize the danger of being taken advantage of by unethical marketers. Illegitimate programs have come and gone over the years and many entrepreneurs have lost serious money to them. My hope is you will be successful and never fall into the trap of being scammed. 

To your success,

The #1 Online Affiliate Training Program
ClickBank University Affiliate Training